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Back in 2008, I start a Revit Blog site called “Revit Fix”. I had used Autodesk’s Revit Architecture for a few years by then, and blogging about an application is a great way to better understand it (when blogging, any incorrect statements are typically flagged very quickly, by our wider community).  The blog was thus a fantastic way to master an application.
At the time is very fascinated with the application and it was a way of sharing my “Fixation”, thus the name. However, I’m will aware all technologies have some shortcomings. The blog logged any bugs or “issues” I could reproduce. Following over 100 post entries, time commitment to progress the blog further became difficult. I also outlived the original passion. Revit is a building design and construction model-authoring tool (one of many). It can carry out some great functions, but it is a small part of the bigger solution.

I hope in moving forward, my new blog “BIM Fix” will question processes, workflows, assumptions and legacy deliverables which limit and restrict progress. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is only ever as good as the weakest link. 

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